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  • Perform A Wide Variety Of Exercises
  • Adjustable Pads Size & Bands Resistance
  • Never Roll or break
  • Very comfortable
  • TOP Selling Product with more than 1000 Five Stars Reviews
  • Suitable for any Fitness Level

Perform A Wide Variety Of Workouts And Hip Muscle Training

You will not believe how many muscles you can train with the Fit Pro Bands™ band.
✔️Glute Bridge,

✔️Kick out...
and many more,
You can now train in all possible ways and shape your Dream Body simply!   

Why Buy A Bench Press Rack For Thousands When You Can Achieve The Exact Same Results 10x Less?

1,000 $ +

85 $

How it works?

Nothing's easier !

Just buckle the pads onto both feet or adjust to a proper length depending on what exercise you want to do.
Then Connect the Elastic bands. There are 6 Bands, 3 from each side, the more in place more resistant it will be.

Build beautiful body shape

FIT PRO BANDS™ revolutionizes the traditional, rolling and single-use Bands.

Comparing with regular steppers

Frequently asked questions

what's the shipping time?

- US Orders: 5-12 Business Days Delivery.

- International Orders: 10-30 Business Days.

What results can I expect?

We are not hiding it from you, you will have to work! But only 10 to 15 short minutes a day is enough. Not only will it bring you fun but you will also be more productive! In just 3 weeks , the results are already evident, your brand new toned body gives you back your self-confidence and you already feel much lighter ! Awesome, isn't it? 

Can I use it anywhere?

Yes! This is one of the biggest reason why our FIT PRO BANDS™ is becoming so popular and loved by all of our customers! You can put it into any Bag, Backpack or Gym Bag, it's that convenient and portable!